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  1. 5分钟给全天相机加上云量识别功能

    对天文爱好者来说,过云是一件非常痛苦的事情。我们的对焦和导星都会受到影响,有时候即使云过了,天晴了,结果我们的 …

  2. 关于AI知识引擎的随想


    有人提到用AI做会议纪要。会议纪要其实是一个特别粗浅,然而很困难的领域,具体为什么困难我们下面说。我设想的是一 …

  3. Reflections on AI Knowledge Engines

    (From my message in the AI Productivity Training Camp group chat)

    Someone mentioned using AI for meeting minutes. In fact, meeting minutes are a very basic yet difficult area, and we'll explain why it's challenging below. What I envision is a knowledge engine that can, on one hand, collect and …

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